(Français) L’Échelle de Beaufort – La Marche du Vent, impression numérique, 124 x 72 cm., 2015.

(Français) La Marche du Vent, vidéo (2:25 min.), 2015.

walking stick of the wind, tree branche and pinwheel, 2015

(Français) La Marche du Vent, trajectoire performative, point de départ à l’embouchure du Canal de Lachine, Montréal, 11 juin 2015.

(Français) Les marcheurs du vent: Daniel Canty, Lucie Marchand, Mauricio Chavez, Catherine Béchard, Sylvaine Chassay, Patrick Beaulieu, John Fredy Rivas Gomez, Douglas Scholes, Eric Mattson, Daniel Olson et Swann Bertholin (derrière la caméra).

(Français) Fin de la marche à la Soufflerie (Wind Tunnel) du laboratoire d’aérodynamique du Département de génie du bâtiment et des génies civil et de l’environnement de l’Université Concordia de Montréal.

The Walk of the Wind –
Beaufort Scale a walk following Montreal corridors of dominant winds.

a project by Patrick Beaulieu
with the participation of Mauricio Chavez
and the collaboration of the Department of Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering of Concordia University,
in the context of the event :

La Marche (est haute)
Curator : Eric Mattson

Between April and June 2015 La Marche (est haute) introduce ten digital, sound and artistic interventions in urban areas with the common denominator to travel at slow speed (walking) or variable speed. This project also includes a digital documentation for the internet and production of artifacts for an exhibition/meeting in the fall 2015.
This series of events is made for the artists in a search of new ways of walking. It is at first a laboratory. Their investigations and searches will be shared thru the internet and other digital medias.

Walk 01 : Raymond Gervais
Walk 02 : Douglas Scholes
Walk 03 : Rober Racine
Walk 04 : Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt
Walk 05 : Andra McCartney
Walk 06 : Patrick Beaulieu
Walk 07 : Nicolas Dion
Walk 08 : Éric Letourneau
Walk 09 : Daniel Canty
Walk 10 : Thomas Bégin

Patrick Beaulieu is a multidisciplinary artist. For the last twelve years, his work has been built around the initiation of performative trajectories across North America, Europe and Asia. Beaufort Scale – The Walk of the Wind is in continuity with Ventury: a transfrontier odyssey trailing American winds realise in 2010 across the United States with the landscape architect Alexis Pernet and the authors Daniel Canty and Dauphin Vincent.

Mauricio Chavez is a Ph.D. engineer in the Building Engineering of the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University. He is specialise in computational wind engineering, urban aerodynamics, pollutant dispersion in the urban environment and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Patrick Beaulieu thank for their support Mr. Mauricio Chavez, PhD, professor Mr. Theodore Stathopoluos, PhD, of the Building Engineering of the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Concordia University, and Musée de Lachine.

La Marche (est haute)
Curator : Eric Mattson.
Production : Eric Mattson, Productions MINUTE,
Realize with the support of the Conseil des arts du Canada and the Conseil des arts du Québec